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Wedding photography is not just about the photographer, every vendor plays an important role in your wedding. Our exclusive partners are carefully selected by us from the best of the best in the wedding industry ^^

Gown Boutiques and Suits

Anders and Rachel

B R I D E F U L L Y Y O U R S $50 off 1 Gown Rental & $100 off for 2 Gowns and Above

Jianchang and Lynn-81

S T I T C H B Y S T I T C H C O. 10% off both Bespoke and off-the-rack Gowns

Azri and Cheryl-329

T H E G O W N C O N N O I S S E U R 5% off Gown Rental


Q U E E N O F H E A R T S Refer to package details

Jonathan and Stacey-5

T A I L O R C O U T U R E 5% off







F L O R A L S A C T U A L L Y $20 off all wedding bouquets and Actual day packages

Leon and Brenda-46

M Y F L O R A L L O F T $20 off all bouquets

Aaron and Wendy-64

P O T T E D S E E D S 10% off all bouquets

Clifford and Hailey-101

L I Z F L O R A L S 5% off all bouquets

Makeup and Hair

Styled shoot (Sheena)-42

A U T E L I E R M A K E U P Refer to Bridelope x Autelier tab for packages available

M A K E U P M A E S T R O Refer to Bridelope x Makeup Maestro tab for packages available OR 5% off ala carte rates


C H R I S T I N E T A N 10% off selected packages

Hazel Styled shoot-49

C O C O O N M A K E U P $50-80 off selected packages

L U S H L O O K S 10% off packages excluding ancillary charges



F L E U R M U S I C $150 off first 10 couples Subsequent sign ups $100 off

Cake & Dessert Table

Floral Cake

Zee & Elle Sg 5% off Party and Merry Dessert Table Packages


Qanvast $150 Cashback when you request a quotation from Qanvast. Reach out to us for your unique promo code.


Bells & Birds Use "Bridelope10" for 10% off our regular priced items