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Bridelopement with Gown - Bali

Many consider local pre-weddings as too mainstream but put off the idea of having an overseas shoot due to the high cost of flying a photographer over from Singapore. At the same time, hiring a local photographer at your destination can be rather risky and it involves extensive planning and coordination.


We got you covered! The following packages are specially created for Bali, photographed by our very talented overseas photographer Hendra and all photos colour-edited by us in Singapore to create the consistent colour and style that you love.

Now the same Bridelopement Packages to Bali come inclusive of gowns by WeddingCrafters ^^

Half Day Sunrise with Gown

Half day up to 3 hours of photoshoot

2 Locations

Inclusive of Local Transportation

Up to 50 Bridelope signature edited images

10 photoshopped images

Keepsake box with thumbdrive

Photo Montage Video 

5 4R Prints 

1 Gown by WeddingCrafters 

Full Day Adventure with Gown

Full day adventure up to 6 hours shoot per day with afternoon break

3 - 4 Locations 

Inclusive of local transportation

Up to 100 Bridelope Signature edited images

20 photoshopped images 

Keepsake box with thumb drive 

Photo Montage Video 

5 4R Prints

1 Gown by WeddingCrafters 

SGD $1588.00

SGD $1988.00

  • Price exclude admission/entrance fees (if any) to be paid at the shoot location

  • Price exclude air tickets and accommodation for the couple

  • Top up for makeup artist @ SGD $300 for half way and SGD $350 for full day, MUA will follow.

  • Gowns inclusive of alteration and dry cleaning. A safety deposit during gown collection is required for overseas shoots.

Meet the Photographer

Photo Self.JPG

I'm Hendra and I will be shooting for Bridelope Productions in Bali.

I'm based in Bali Island, I like to capture love stories and special moments through my lens, Bali island has a lot of nature spots for photoshoot with breeze and bird song. I am passionate to capture and connect with every feeling and nature. The atmosphere has became more cozy because friends and family that's how we look after our couples.

So please be happy to join me to capture of yours "once in a lifetime" forever

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