13th and 14th April 2020

- Includes 2 days photoshoot

- 4-6 hours of shoot per day

- Includes one Bridal Gown and Suit from The Gown Connoisseur

- Estimated 500 - 550 Images

- All Images edited and returned

- 30 pictures can be selected for additional enhancement

- Locations can be customised to your liking

SGD $2,088.00

Optional Top ups:

1 Gown - $500

1 Suit - $120

1 day Extension - $588

Makeup and hair - $1000 for 2 days (not inclusive

of MUA's Airfare and Accomodation)


"Are we required to cover the photographer's Airfare and Accommodation?

- There is no need to cover the Airfare and Accommodation for the Photographer. The airfare for the shoot mentioned above has already been bought. 

"Will we be shooting alongside with other couples?"

- As many other couples will be hitching the same trip, every couple will be scheduled for a different day. You will have 100% of the photographer's attention!

"Would there be a top-up if you exceed the estimated number of photos promised?"

- There will be no additional cost in the event more pictures are shot. We will be delivering everything that we have taken, all edited and enhanced. 

"What are the standard timings for the shoot?"

- The shoot will take place early in the morning when the sun rises. The MUA will be doing your hair and makeup 2 hours prior to the sunrise. There will not be any shoot taking place in the noon due to the harsh sunlight (unless indoor). The shoot will continue again before the sun sets. 

"How long would it take for us to get our pictures?"

- It takes about 2 months.

"Do we have to sit down and discuss the itinerary together?"

- Yes, we will have to arrange a meet up to plan the routes and destinations. We will be spending lots of time together during the shoot and it would be great if we can get to know each other better first!

"Are there any hidden costs?"

- All prices stated above are nett price, there will not be any other charges other than the additional services you opt for. 

"Is there anything else we have to take note of?"

- Just be yourself, the Photographer will guide you every step of the way - from posing to being natural, it would be a great if you and your partner enjoy this process. By doing so, we will be able to capture genuine emotions for your lifetime's keepsake!

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